Thursday, May 09, 2013

A brief update

It appears, at first glance, that this blog has been abandoned. But no, it is perhaps best described as a hibernation.

In recent times, I've moved away from writing as a career - commercial writing, that is. When I do 'blog' it is usually about 'work' things and you can find it over at purplesime's ponderings.

I've also done a few side projects, which have seen me write for pleasure at a slower rate than I did before. One of these side projects is built around writing, but it too is in a hiatus due to work commitments and outside forces that have seen me shift the project in a slightly different direction. It will kick off again soon, but for now it's also in hibernation as I write more content for it. You can see the initial work at 100 Balloons.
You may wish to learn that this project is ongoing - and I'm doing it to learn more about writing, my own skills and different ways to publish fiction in the modern world. I'm enjoying it, but let's just say it's been harder work than I originally conceived it to be.

Another side project has taken on a life of its own, and that's My Earliest Memory. For a while, this was a major interruption in my life, which was incredibly pleasing. Now that it's back to being a slow burn project, so I can start to rekindle older blogs. Like this one.

Finally, work.
Yes, that word.
Once upon a time, I wrote adverts and content for brands. Then I discovered I didn't enjoy it as much as I used to and I so I altered my career. And I'm in the middle of that change. This is seeing me work harder than ever before as I learn a new set of skills (or hone them, as it were) and begin the transition from a single-minded creative into a more rounded digital consultant type.
This has also coincided with a decision to go freelance again. I find it's the easiest way to reinvent oneself.
That transition will never stop, but it may have slow periods.

In all, what you can take from this, should you read it, is that I'm happy. I'm writing longer pieces and publishing fewer stories online.

What does this mean for this blog?
Good question. This blog was a place to try stuff out, to get older things rewritten and out to a wider audience. I don't want to kill it. And I won't.
I hope that I will return to it in some form or other. Perhaps use it as a way of 'making' myself write something and put it out there. For no other reason that that's something the internet affords people (and increasingly machines).

Well, I've out-stayed my welcome on this post. Time to get on with all the things I've mentioned above.

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ginab said...

Good to hear and read from you here, Si. Indeed 1990 were raves. (I refer to 100 balloons.) Reminds me, given I was over there in 1990, how envious I felt of the budding youth dancing, raving. The roundedness of the piece would be to fulfill everyone's curiosity.

Indeed such a work takes time. Well deserved time. And external forces. holy mack. (I took a course in James Joyce specifically to look closely at his novella, at the form of it, which Ian McKewan likened to be the best in the canon. This has ended but I must go to a conference for work before I can dig in.)

Had a haiku rejected also. dummies, I say. dummies.

I'm glad to see you here. I wonder if you may be taking a course with the City College. i may have told you that I did this back in...1990 or thereabouts. A different world entirely missed by me.

Forge ahead ... again, good to see you here.