Friday, August 03, 2012

A Bit Part - WIP

So, got me some writing done recently, for the Tales of the Alphabet. Nothing much, just a couple of hundred words I'm happy with and about six hundred I'm not. Thought it might be time for a preview. So, here it is. Just a tiny bit.

It was a cold night, the clouds low and a whipping wind keeping the streets clear of people. Just the odd car, here and there, traversing the city. It had rained earlier in the evening, great torrents of water that had caught people by surprise and sent them scurrying like rats to shelter under awnings and in doorways.

The kids, who, until dusk slung its shroud over the neighbourhood, had been playing on the dilapidated, broken sofa that sits outside Clarence Jeffries’ bungalow, ran out into the downpour. Shane said he could hear their parents calling them, voices strained against the drum of the rain on car roofs. I couldn’t, and said so. He got a huff up, as he often does, and retired to the bedroom. I heard the TV switch on, muffled male voices announcing sport time; the gentle thud of his sneakers as they fell from his feet to the wooden floor.

I took a pull from my Marlboro Red, slurped back the smoke.


ginab said...

Nice to see you here. George Harrison said, and I think he was speaking on behalf of someone else, god is in every sound. I like the thud of the sneakers. I think people suck back smoke. or, another verb. inhale or drew.

It's raining here today and so torrents I understand. Thunder is hard to hear through, too.

simon white said...

Hello you!

You moved. Did mail forward?

Must email. Can't access it at work so hard to remember when I get home and relax.

I think pulling on a cigarette is a London expression. It's quite 80s I guess. Showing my history. :)

Editing will be done. If it doesn't