Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just found this

The leaves were fluttering in the summer breeze, casting brittle shadows along the path as Jim and I rode our bikes down to the rec. We were both screaming our heads off, not just to release our youthful exuberance but also to warn anyone on the path of our imminent arrival; Jim had caused Mrs. Bothol a mild case of concussion last year, ploughing into her at top speed on his Raleigh Grifter. We’d been told by our parents to take more care before someone got killed.

Or something.

Because it was a something that caused Jim to spill it on the path on this particular day. I was following, at speed, too closely, so I wasn’t able to stop myself careering into Jim, my front wheel skimming the back of his head.

It says on the Word document that this was started in July last year. I may well expand it, but for now let this be my first post of 2010.