Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lottery - Opening Paragraph

“Come on my little beauties,” Roy said as he straightened up, his left hand supporting his lower back, a slight gasp escaping from his tight, puckered mouth as his knees cracked to a locking position. He raised his right hand to shade his face from the sun as he admired his handiwork: five straight, thick-as-your-arm cucumbers sat in front of him. They were nestled in rich, dark soil and glistened in the midday sunshine that spilled through the open slats of the greenhouse roof.


purplesimon said...

This is part of a much longer piece that might get posted here, but I still haven't got this first paragraph exactly right. It needs more.

Anyway, it's something posted for May.

Anonymous said...

Yes it needs more. More sentences. More story. :) More.

Hey, just reading this paragraph, I was interested enough to want more.