Tuesday, May 31, 2005

June, it's a quiet month

Well, quiet on the blog front, I think. Why? Because I start a one-month contract tomorrow, which happens to be the first of the month, in case you've been asleep for the past few days or so.

Wow, such a long time for a contract, considering I'm a freelancer. Well, yes and no.

Recently I did a stint at Framfab that lasted over four months. So, a one-month-er doesn't really seem that long.

I will admit that Framfab was more organic, rather than planned and I hope to one day be back at their offices. At the moment I have been offered a chance to really do something to move my career forward, to make a difference to my life.

I am starting off on a journey, one I hope I will find time to blog.

If not, and this page stays static for a while, at least you'll know why.

purplesimon out...

Friday, May 27, 2005

Seemed like I should

Give you a new story, that is.

Didn't want to sit around with MS Word open, smoking endless cigarettes and staring out of the window. So, I thought it would be a neat idea to simply type something straight in to the blog. No forethought, just brain dumping.

I wanted to write a snapshot of something. This could be lengthened into a good short story, there are so many threads to follow. Maybe I will.

It's another case of watch this space!

purplesimon out...

Typed straight in to the blog

I looked out on to the rooftops that surrounded me on all sides. I wavered on the edge of the window sill in the sudden gusts of wind that whip across the sky, bringing clouds and rain. Bringing darkness. A look downwards and I could just make out the rubbish bins that stood, sentinel, against the patterned brickwork, patched up over the decades by a hundred different craftsmen, many of whom must now be dead.

I came up here because I fancied a breath of fresh air. Now, there are swirling blue lights, megaphone voices distorted by the rush of air around my ears and the clatter of the rain drops on the roof tiles. Now there is a crowd, straining upwards.

People forget that when you're on the ground and someone is high above you, every word they utter is carried upwards; I can hear the whispers. I know that three of my neighbours want me to jump, out of morbid curiosity; most of the crowd just want the police to go away so that they can get on with their sleeping, their fucking, their rows.

I want a cup of tea. But, Cassandra isn't coming back until Tuesday.

I'm not allowed to use the kettle unsupervised.

Suddenly, the rain ceases and the wind blows open the clouds to show a full moon gazing down on this scene that I have inadvertently created. I suck the air into my lungs, deep. A cough emits from within, but is snatched away from my mouth by the wind. I fumble in my coat for the packet of cigarettes I know Cass leaves there for emergencies.

I don't smoke, but I've seen these things on TV. Someone always has to be smoking, so it might as well be me. Funny how calming it is, smoking. I can see the attraction. It's another five minutes off my life. As if we can count down the seconds to death.

The human race sometimes makes me shudder. For intelligent beings we can be so stupid. So short-sighted.

My legs are stiffening with the cold. The cigarette is burning away in between my fingers. I can feel its heat against my skin. It reminds me I'm still alive.

I flick the stub away into the night, watch the shower of sparks tumble to the ground, most of them extinguished along the way, some carried for hundreds and hundreds of yards.

I wonder if they want me to say something, the crowd and those police officers? I can't think of something to shout so I sit quietly. The rain has started again.

I really want that cup of tea.

Fact or fiction?

I had an email this morning about my blog. It wasn't left as a comment, but sent to my Hotmail address, which you'll find in the footer.

It was complimenting me on the great stories, especially the one about the mobile phone user.

Er, just want to point out that the particular story in question is not fiction.

I guess I set myself up for this at some point. Some of the stories, perhaps, read like real life and the real life stuff reads like fiction.

So, to my readers I say this: Look at the post above the one you've just read. If it's a story I will say so. If not, then it goes to prove two things:

  • Life imitates art

  • Truth is stranger than fiction

Now, I'm off to enjoy the sun.

purplesimon out...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A big shout out

I'd like to put a big shout out to this lovely man: Jon Lefley.

He's an art director that had been sitting opposite me for the past two weeks. Intelligent, witty and all-round good guy.

I hope to be working with him plenty over the next month. I took that contract, I think it's a good idea. I'm looking forward to starting on 1 June 2005.

Anyhow, I've moved away from the reason I'm posting today.

Check out Jon's site, dotCOMMS and see what you think.

purplesimon out...

Six days off

You'd think, from reading this blog, that I never stop working on something. Well, that's probably true of most weeks, but I've just missed out on a job because the dates needed to be moved and I wasn't available to complete the work.

The best thing about having some time off is the summer weather that has descended on London. It's sticky and hot, but I love it when it's sunny. People smile; I don't knock mobile phones out of people's hands in a pique of rage; Women wear less (on the downside, so do men that really shouldn't); and the general atmosphere is one of happiness.

What's more, Bluewater is probably happy. Who would want to wear a 'hoodie' in the blazing sun? Especially as the majority are made of nylon or some other man-made fabric.

Not me, that's for sure. I'm happy in my flares and T-shirts.

But it's not all good news.

I had a call from a friend of mine to tell me that another mate's Dad has recently passed away. He wasn't old, he was fairly fit and such a lovely person. It's a real shame. Words fail me when it comes to death.

I've left a message to say how sorry I am, but to be honest it's a bit lame. I wish in these circumstances I could do more. My offer to be there is as much as I can do. I don't want to impose myself on someone in a messy attempt to help. All I hope is that he didn't suffer and his time will come again.

purplesimon out...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Is this ironic or what?

I went past a local church the other day and it had the following sign outside:

"Make Poverty History"

And I thought to myself: what has the church contributed to this (other than causing poverty throughout history and preying on the poor)?

No pun intended.

Then it occurred to me that this is probably irony on the part of the church.

Or, am I missing something?

Oh, and before any people start haranguing me about my church comments, read your history.

Perhaps you need to ask yourself why the church is so powerful and rich? Yes, people give it money in order to get a place in heaven. Now, show me the brochure for heaven and I'll decide whether I want to holiday there for eternity thank you very much.

purplesimon out...

Given the elbow

No, panic not readers, I have not been given the sack.

What I want to talk about here is mobile phone users (particularly those in the Soho area of London, although I'm sure this applies wherever people use mobile phones).

It's not about ringtones (although who thought these gave people individuality was wrong, it simply marks them out as a sad wanker in my opinion, especially if they are older than 12 and have that annoying crazy frog tone); it's about the inability of people to stop still in one place and talk.

Why the need to walk about?

There is a good reason for this rant. I was walking to the coffee shop on my lunch and this person was standing on the pavement with his mobile phone clamped to his ear. His elbow was pointing straight out (as you'd expect). Without even looking he turned into my path and caught me full in the face with said elbow.

Did he apologise?

Did he f**k. He looked at me as if I was in the wrong. I'm afraid to say, dear reader, that my indignation was running high.

I called him by his rightful name (wanker) and moved off. But, that wasn't enough for him, oh no. He pursued me and, judging by his red face he was either unfit or angry. I'd plump for the latter.

He berated me for calling him a wanker and had a right go. He hadn't even hung up his phone so whoever he was speaking to could hear everything.

Calmly, I told him that elbowing people in the face deserves, at the very least, an apology. He didn't seem to understand. I suggested that perhaps I should elbow him in the face and see whether he agreed that an apology was due, but he proceeded to keep calling me a series of expletives.

So, I did what only a sensible person would. I knocked the phone from his hand and into the street. I then called him a number of expletives and walked away. Last I saw, he was trying to stop a taxi from running over his phone.

So, as a warning to other mobile phone users. Stand still. Please. Because, if I see you coming at me with elbows raised, I won't be held responsible for my actions.

purplesimon out...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The dating game

Just to clarify, I’m not in the dating game…

I have, however, been searching the online (and offline) dating advertisements for a concept I am working on for Mercedes. Yes, really, Mercedes.

I know it’s probably not what you’d come to expect from the manufacturer of fairly straight-laced cars, but there we go. I think it’s a novel way of engaging the audience and making things a little bit subversive. I’ll be posting up some of the original ideas (as these will probably change as the concept grows) so you can get an idea of what we are trying to achieve.

While I was writing this, the Creative Director I’m working with has asked me to consider working for a longer period of time, say a month. Yeah, I think I might. It will give some consistency to the work I am doing; this is something that I would normally be eager to take up, but there are some other things to consider…

I shall report back soon to put my decision out into the world.

Anyone wishing to comment on whether I should or not can happily leave their thoughts here. You know the score.

Just in case there are other Creative Directors out there that want to usurp the kind offer from this agency, please get in touch.

purplesimon out...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Okay, I found these while idly surfing

I managed to find something of interest.

Here's some sites to look at while I think of something interesting to post.

What could be the best film in ages
A neat way to show off your photography
Some web designers having a larf

And finally...

Something I couldn't get to work but looks interesting

purplesimon out...

Death is only a step away

I really hate slow days. No, really.

I’m not the type of person who can simply waste time when they’ve nothing to do.

It’s around this time that I realise the Internet is a huge repository filled with the detritus of the human race and by writing this I am helping to fill this virtual landfill.


Is it too much to ask? I mean, these people are paying me for crying out loud.

What do I book ‘Writing for my personal Blog’ under on the timesheet?

Okay, I need to calm down.

purplesimon out...

The end of my week

It’s a hot one today in the city of London. I am already feeling a little moist in the armpit region, but now that I have got into the office and opened some windows it is starting to feel a lot cooler.

This humid weather that we’re experiencing here in the UK is not usual for this time of year. We expect rain – and lots of it! Still, no point in complaining that the sun is out is there?

We have a visitor coming up from Bournemouth tonight – my girlfriend’s mother is arriving at 1.30pm at Waterloo station. She’s a lovely person and this will be the first time that she has seen our house. She didn’t see the last one, but we are happier in this one and that means we are glad to have her stay. Tonight, my girlfriend and her Mum are off to see Chicago (the musical, not the windy city). Me? I’ve got some prints to get done, a PDF to create and I need to get sorted for this interview tomorrow morning.

It means I will have to miss yoga. I don’t want to – I love it – but earnings must come first. I have decided that doing some yoga in the house tonight will be better and then I can attend the Monday class, even though it’s for those who’ve already completed the beginners’ class that I attend. I just don’t want to not do a class.

Even though it’s Thursday, this is the end of my week. Tomorrow is all about interviews and meeting creative directors. I actually need to pop into my old workplace to pitch for some work on a banking brand, who’s name I can’t yet mention. As with everything else, I want it to be complete before I start posting up links – especially if there is nothing to point you all to!

Brighton is calling this weekend. We’re off to look at hats. This is for a friend’s wedding, which is taking place right near Stonehenge. The couple marrying actually farm sheep right by the stones, so we can get access to it that other tourists can’t.

That’s it from me. I don’t have any other news to report on this hot, hot morning. It’s getting even warmer as I type. There is probably a thunderstorm due. Let’s hope so.

purplesimon out...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mid-week and wishing it was Friday

It’s been a long week so far. I know it’s only Wednesday, but I’m already feeling like I have done five days’ work. Thankfully, I’ve got Friday off.

I say that, but I have an interview. This one is for a full-time role at an integrated agency in Soho, not far from where I take lunch and where I am currently working.

I think it’s great news for me. In response to this, the agency I am working for at the moment have scheduled a meeting with the Creative Director to talk about my future, my ambitions and how this agency might help to make those ambitions a reality.

That’s at 4pm today.

If I get time – and the meeting goes well – I will be posting some more tonight when I get home. I have to create a PDF for this interview on Friday, so I know I’ll be at the computer for at least an hour.

purplesimon out...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Riots predicted all over the world, except...

Manchester, as hardly any fans supposedly live there.

Read all about it here.

Personally, I don't care about this football nonsense and the furore that this has caused. However, I expect it will be debated in the House of Commons, just as the plots of Eastenders and Coronation Street are on a regular basis. As if we didn't have enough to debate politically.

purplesimon out...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

What would you do on a sunny Sunday afternoon?

I bet you wouldn't do what I'm up to. That is: printing out samples and organising a portfolio in preparation for a series of interviews in the coming week.

At least the printer isn't failing this time and I'm not up against the clock to get it done. I have the rest of the day and tomorrow evening to prepare it all. I hope it gets the desired reaction.

The further we get into 2005, the better this 'book' becomes. The work I am doing now is a million miles away from what I was doing three years ago. I've covered most markets now; financial, cars, consumer electronics, television companies, sportswear companies, gaming, etc.

Having such a broad scope of work certainly helps when it comes to moving between agencies. Apart from non-food goods I think I've got everything covered.

And, even though some people that read this blog think that my job involves coercing people into parting with their money for nefarious reasons, that's not true. People will spend their money anyway, I'm just trying to get them to spend it with certain companies.

I don't do environmentally-sensitive companies, such as Shell, Esso, etc; I don't do sweatshop companies, such as Nike or GAP or IBM. I try to help local companies as much as possible and have worked for free for someone who had a product that I believed in or was a not-for-profit company. I give my time freely and my money more so.

However, I do need to pay the mortgage, eat, cloth myself. I know there are people out there that can't do this, that never get to know what it's like to own their own property, etc. But, giving something (time or money for example) is a way of putting something back.

I can't pretend that my actions impact on others' lives, sometimes to detrimental effect. What I can do is minimise this or, as in many cases I do, pay the social cost. So, where possible I buy fair trade and organic food and products. I use this impressive service in London called Organic Delivery. I highly recommend them. You can choose what you want, have it all delivered and order something different the following week. Food, household, whatever, they sell almost anything.

I would also like to point you to People Tree, which is a company that sells fair trade clothing.

That's me done for today. Back next week.

purplesimon out...

Friday, May 13, 2005

Catching up on work

Things have gone slightly awry over the past few days. The posts have been highlighting things that, really, I shouldn’t be bothered about.

I’ve stopped contemplating motives, reconsidering posting to news stories and all that, but mainly I have had work to get done. Which is what I said I would be posting about.

So, what’s new on the work front?

I’ve been doing some nice things for a lovely new media company called Syzygy. Lovely people and some great creative work. Once it goes live, I’ll be posting up some links to the work.

I don’t want you to miss out.

Also this week, I have been sorting out my mother’s problems since she left hospital. Today is her birthday. Friday the 13th. I don’t think she can be superstitious now, she was born on a Friday anyway.

She seemed happy this morning, which is probably due to the fact that back in July of last year she didn’t think she’d be around to see this day. If we are all honest, none of us did. But, she is and for that I am glad.

I hope she’s around for the next birthday and the next birthday, etc.

purplesimon out...

Drawing a line under it all

Chavs and the associated comments on this blog

There we go, a line has definitely been drawn under it all.

purplesimon out...

Darren or Matthew?

Well, Trowbridge. What can I say about it? Well, Silver Street is nice enough, I have friends who live in Hilperton.

But, I don't know who the final user is.

What I do know is that this is where the anonymous comment lead to.

I'll be coming round for tea. I think we can get on and discuss the finer points of chavs.

purplesimon out...

Let's move on, please

I hate a fight, especially when I can't see my opponent.

I get an email, someone has commented. That's great, that's what having a blog is all about - letting people have their say on your opinion.

However, when things get out of hand; when things get personal, I want to step away.

Neighnay, great that my blog moves you to comment. Great that you have (and can express in an intelligent way) an opinion - in fact, it's great that 'democracy' allows you to have your say - but don't pretend to know me from a simple profile.

You don't and your comments only go to prove it.

So, let's move on. Let's agree to disagree. This blog is not intended to change the world, it's here to let me get my stuff out there.

I'd delete the post, but what would that achieve? It would only prove Neighnay right and show that I didn't believe in what I say. That's not the case so the post stands.

Neighnay, peace be with you. Be happy today and stop trying to paint me as the bad guy.

purplesimon out...

Sense of humour missing - have you seen it?

My last post, which was designed to be tongue-in-cheek, was taken completely the wrong way by an anonymous person the other day. I hate anonymity in this sense as they were making me out to be something I'm not: a racist.

If they had taken the time to read the post properly, they would have seen that I was referring solely to baseball caps, particularly those worn by the Croydon massive (a group close to my home, not to my heart).

Obviously, the BBC article I took my idea from related to something slightly more sinister, but did it really offend that much?

I've answered the comment and I'm leaving it at that.

Next time, if such a time comes, please leave an email address so we can continue the debate. Otherwise you're simply hiding behind your comments and leave no room for me to clarify my arguments. That's cowardly.

purplesimon out...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Chavs, beware

At last, it’s about time someone did this.

There’s this song by The Libertines, which has this line: “There are few or more distressing sights than that of an English man in a baseball cap.”

So, thank you Bluewater Shopping Centre for taking the following stance

purplesimon out...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A work in progress

Don't tell anyone, but I had some down time at work this morning as I wait for a designer to create a Web page.

So, I decided to start writing something. It's not complete and needs much more to get the story straight, but it's a good start.

More to follow.

Read, think and comment.

purplesimon out...

Knock knock

There was a sharp knock at the door, which made Julie jump. She placed her cup carefully on the coaster sat in the middle of the coffee table, in amongst the magazines and torn envelopes, and strode towards the door.

Usually, she would check the spy hole, but a second knock caused her to forget her security procedures. London was not the place the media made it out to be. It was safe, she thought. It was safe.

Luckily, the chain was still on from the night before. This gave Julie time to react as the first blow from an unseen assailants shoulder crashed against the door. She shock had caused Julie to stumble back, catching the back of her legs on the coffee table. She fell, hard. Her cup sloshed coffee over the papers on the table. It would stain, but that would be the least of her problems.

The door didn’t last long, wood splinters cascading across the polished floor of the apartment.

It was safe, London, that was Julie’s mantra as a shadow fell across the room. She had no time to scream before a hand pressed across her mouth.

When she woke two hours later, Ray had his arm curled over her midriff. She moved away from him, rubbing her wrists where the ropes had cut a little too deep. She liked this fantasy, playing it out again and again never bored her and Ray was always up for the decadence of the scenario. He had never once said no to her requests.

She looked back at him sprawled on the bed, the covers just keeping him decent. She smiled, remembering the first time she had picked him up in the bar down town. He had always been pliant. For her. Julie wondered if he had always been this way or if the show was for her alone.

The kitchen was its usual mess of dirty cups, plates overflowing with tea bags, mouldy food. The sink had long disappeared beneath the grime of city living. Julie never threw anything away. Julie never cleaned. She found a cup, flicked on the kettle and wiped away the green scum around the cup’s lip with a tissue. Some remained, but she took no notice. As long as nothing was floating, Julie would drink from anything. Ray didn’t seem to mind; Julie certainly didn’t.

She heard him stir in his sleep, peeped her head around the door frame to see if he wanted a coffee. But, he was still fast asleep, a faint wheeze as his breath left his body, just before his lungs sucked up another gulp of air. She let him sleep.

To be continued...

Here we go again

Another day in the middle of Soho, London. The sun is shining, although the street I have to walk up is in constant shade and a cold wind blows whatever the weather.

But, that's the least of my worries.

We have a meeting today to discuss my copy ideas. There are six copywriters here (yes, six!) and I think that we are all in some kind of competition to see which of us can do more than just one vertical market. We shall have to see.

I just hope that I'm one of those that impresses.

I shall report back each day with news.

I hope to soon be able to post a link to the project I am working on, to help it in the search engines. But, for now, you'll simply have to guess.

purplesimon out...

Monday, May 09, 2005

First day blues

The day has begun and I am in a new office environment.

Got a cup of tea in hand. Will post later to let you know how it all went.

purplesimon out...

Friday, May 06, 2005

It's back to work

Yes, all went well. Got the gig.

So, off to work for two weeks, at least. Possibly more.

And then, came home to an email asking if I'm up for six months somewhere (I am) and another one about the possibility of more work at a really good agency.

I'll keep you posted.

Right now, off to hospital to get my Mum. She's been let out early. Good behaviour. Or something.

purplesimon out...

Early warning

If I get this work, it'll mean no new writing for a while.

Just giving you all a warning, in case I get deluged for not posting enough of my stuff on this blog.

Cool, so now you know.

purplesimon out...

Low ink, stress and printer nightmares

I know it's only been two minutes since the last post, but my printer has just gone and given up the ghost.


I believe that's how you spell it.

As an aside, I once read that, in comic books, when people screamed, it was correct to use four of each letter. Don't know if it's true, but it certainly looks right from where I'm sitting and describes perfectly how I feel right now.

The printer is back online, but I can't afford mistakes: I only have enough glossy print paper to do these prints and when it runs out there is no more and no shop near enough to provide more stock. I should get more organised, I know that now. Still, the stuff looks brilliant and I think it'll impress, even though it won't be in my portfolio, just resting inside a booklet I am creating.

The lengths you have to go to in order to receive more work! Did I mention that I love my job?

purplesimon out...

Deadline: 2pm

My phone rang this morning and on the other end was a lovely woman, calling me from deepest South Wales. That was a surprise to me, I was expecting one from London.

Anyhow, she happened to be working from home - yes, I've already asked myself the question: how does a person commute from South Wales to London - and she was calling about an opportunity that came up yesterday. I might have some work. For two weeks.

So, lots to get done: references to sort out (done), portfolio to sort out (printing new images now) and shaving, tidying up of me (to be done).

I just wanted to say that I am hopeful. The CV must have impressed enough for them to call me in. I'll blog back later to let you all know of the outcome.

I have seventeen pages left to print from my adidas concept work - damn the site not being live just yet as it is still having action scripting applied to it and some minor design changes. However, all this will stand me in good stead for further work. The day rate is not as much as I'm used to, but it is still more than most so I have to be grateful.

The sun is shining, so let that be an omen.

Until later
purplesimon out...

Labouring for another five years

While there are still election results to come, Labour - in particular, Tony Blair - are in for another five years.

This doesn't come as any surprise. However, the Iraq war has caused the Party some problems and (shockingly) many people have voted for the racist Party, sorry, the Conservatives. Astonishing.

I voted. Made no difference to my local result, but I am pleased to have contributed.

It's early here, so this is a quick message. More to follow later. Hopefully, we will have news on work next week.

The only good thing that I can tell you that is happening today is that my Mum is coming out of hospital, a whole week early. Really pleased. Picking her up at 5pm. Burglars, take note.

purplesimon out...

Thursday, May 05, 2005


No, not a reference to the Radiohead song, but a quick post about UK politics.

Now, I know that some of you are thinking, "This is going to be so boring." Well, you're probably right. But, I think that voting is important.

That's why, in about half an hour, I'm going to drag my sorry butt from this chair and get around to my local polling station and stick my cross where (I think) it matters.

If only everyone in the country eligible would do the same. Then, we have a true democracy and not decisions made by a mere 15% of the UK voting population.

Results are due in late tonight or early tomorrow morning. I love to stay up and watch the television programmes dedicated to the democratic process. I love to see those politicians who fail to win a seat (or retain a seat in some cases) and they are either angry or in tears. There is always a story of a candidate who has captured the local community's imagination and won on a vote based upon a single manifesto promise, such as cleaner local hospitals.

This is true democracy and should be applauded.

So, there is a real chance to make a difference if you can be bothered. For the future generation, please be bothered.

Here endeth the lesson. Hehe.

purplesimon out...

Waxing lyrical

That last post was a set of song lyrics I happened to write some while back.

It is an amalgamation of a number of older songs, written when I was about 20, or 21. Can't quite remember (it's so long ago).

Thought you might like to read them.

I had this idea I should go through the older stuff I have and post it up here; the poems, the songs, the short stories. It'll mean typing it all out again, long-hand, but I think it'll be worth it in the long-term.

At least I can increase my posts by digging over old turf.

I might uncover some genius I'd forgotten about.

Until next time

purplesimon out...

Before we fade

I want to tell you a moving story
but my voice is standing still
I don't know where to start
or even if I will
Sitting, sipping coffee
as the morning drifts away
Working out the words
I know we need to say

If that's okay?

You used my hands to juggle
painted pictures with my eyes
You said, "If you need a body,
you can just try my mine for size."
I pray for peace
because I'm always caught in war
Still don't know what
I'm forever fighting for


Make me hands, paint me words
Post me pain with which to flirt
Taste me helpless, kiss me death
Bleed me life and breathe me breath

Sing for you, sing for yesterday.
Yesterday, invite the wind to blow the sun away
Catch the fire. Steal the rain, won't you steal the rain
Sing for you, before we fade

Like London buses

Just as I was sitting here bemoaning the lack of work I've had over the past week, I suddenly get some interest. Is someone reading this blog and then deciding that, perhaps, I need some help, urgently. Very urgently, if they've also seen my bank balance. Cash flow is a real issue right now.

Two different agencies are looking to employ my skills - both for the next two weeks, with one offering a permanent position to the person that makes a good impact. Full-time doesn't appeal to me, but I never turn down an opportunity. At the least, it opens some more doors and keep the money flowing in.

Of course, I have money owed to me. I don't like chasing invoices, not until they are quite a way past their deadline. It's a politeness thing for me.

I might have to sneak out and get off in to town shortly, if the CV I've just sent out makes the right impression. You can see it by following this link.

Exciting, isn't it!

I shall report back as soon as I have some news to share on this subject.

Now, what to charge?

purplesimon out...

Can anyone answer this question?

How do you get to see your blog on the 'Recently Updated' list?

I, literally, updated mine only seconds ago. Not listed.

Of course, there are millions of blogs being updated every minute of the day (and night). Get real, I hear you say.

Sure. One day I hope to see my own blog listed. I'm going to take a screenshot and post it up!

When will it be?

purplesimon out...

Is it worth it?

This is the question that I ask myself most often. It's aimed at my chosen career, that of freelance copywriter.

Inevitably, as with all self-employed work, there are times when things are slow. In my industry, that time happens to be April/May. Yes, exactly: now.

It's not that I haven't had anything to do, there is always work to be done, but it is small bits and bobs and nothing to really get my teeth into. So, I have spent time creating conceptual work and writing off to a number of agencies.

Each year I get to this time and think to myself: is it worth it, the struggle to get work and then, once I've got it, the struggle to get paid and also the immense struggle to find the next piece of work.

I think it is worth it. I love my job and can afford some downtime. Just hoping that the summer picks up!

purplesimon out...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

229 and counting

I've just spent a great deal of time looking around the Blogger site(s). There was a lot that I didn't know about blogging and I have discovered some cool things about this way of Web publishing.

I used to belong to Dear Diary, which, in its own way, was my introduction to 'blogging'. I use the inverted commas because, well, because I never put anything in my diary. I lost my login information and it soon became more of a chore than something 'fun' to do.

So, why did I start another one, albeit at Blogger?

Well, it all came about when I was doing some search engine optimisation work for a client: Samsung Explore.

I used blogging as a method of getting the site higher in Google's listings. It worked. And, I got hooked on blogging. Simple, really.

So, that was back last year and I have tried to Blog as much as possible. This now means that "purplesimon" has 229 links in Google as a search term. That puts a smile on my face.

purplesimon out...

Back on solid ground

At last, I can now eat proper food!

The swelling in my mouth has gone right down and, while still sore occasionally, I am not able to eat without thinking about what I am doing with my teeth and tongue. I can't begin to describe how good that feeling is.

I have been moping around the house for days now, but I can't really feel sorry for myself as there are harsher things happening in the world today. I could list them, but then I feel I would be trying to place importance to some over others, whereas, all good causes are generally worthwhile and some are genuinely close to me heart.

I could do more, I don't sit doing nothing.

With the new frame of mind now in place, I think that I need to turn my attention to making some more money. To do that I need some work. The CV is out there and I am hopeful that something will come up soon.

In between searching for more work, I will try to get more writing done. I can't promise - you've seen what happens when I write and I'm not in the mood: it isn't pretty - but I'll do my best.

purplesimon out...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I'm beginning to hate soup

My mouth has been so sore over the holiday period, it's not been funny. Soup, soup and more soup has been on the menu, all washed down with Asahi beer.

My cheeks are not as swollen as they were, but I still can't chew properly. The stiches are dissolving, so I am hopeful that over the next couple of days I might be able to manage a sandwich. I just want something that's solid. I hate pouring food down my throat.

That's it for news. I'm not in the mood for much. Just to let you know that there is the possibility of lots of work coming through. Updates as and when.

purplesimon out...