Thursday, March 31, 2005

Amazing what you find when you look

Three posts in one morning, what's it all about?

I don't want there to be a folder of archived posts and it have only two measly posts in there. And, I never got to tell you about Paris. To cut a long story short: it didn't inspire me. Why? Well, dog shit and miserable people are not the things that help me write, unless the story is about dog shit and miserable people, of course.

Although the week away was relaxing, some aspects of it were a nightmare. No one to help on the Metro; rude shopkeepers; dog shit; people in the apartment above the one we rented (that's myself and my girlfriend) moving out at midnight; parties on the floor below that started at 11pm and finished around 3am (and no invite!). The list could go on but I don't want to bore you. I didn't get any writing done, so that's that.

So, to keep all you readers interested I discovered a story in my archive and posted it up for you all to read. Hope you enjoy it.

Until later on today or the next time, whichever comes first, read, think... comment.

purplesimon out...

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